Selling Kpop albums by Exo, Infinite, f(x), U-kiss, MBLAQ, BtoB, SHINee, and more!
Kris :P
I'm looking to sell my korean albums and one Japanese album. I'm located in the USA and and will only accept transactions through paypal. All photocards that originally came with the album will be sold along with the item. Feel free to leave a comment if you're interested in any of the items listed or if you have any questions about anything. Thanks!

Korean Albums:


- EXO-M Mini Album Vol. 1 - MAMA (w/ Xiumin photocard): $11.50 USD
- EXO Vol. 1 - XOXO (Kiss Version) (Korean) (w/ D.O photocard + additional EXO mini card set): $15 USD
- EXO Vol. 1 - XOXO Repackaged (Chinese) (w/ Chanyeol photocard): $18 USD


- U-KISS 2nd Album NEVERLAND: $12 USD
- U-KISS 6th Mini DORADORA: $10 USD


- F(x) 2nd Album - Pink Tape (w/ Sulli photocard + unofficial group photocard): $18 USD

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